Wireless Direction Finding

Plug & Fly

Offering the next level in Search and Rescue flexibility, the Techtest Plug & Fly Wireless DF system was specifically designed for multirole airframes.

The system has no permanent fixtures, allowing aircraft to rapidly be configured to meet the needs of Search and Rescue (SAR). Furthermore, this system is transferable between aircraft, so operators don’t lose SAR capabilities during required maintenance periods.
Reducing capital expenditure and solving aircraft dedication issues this wireless and low weight product has a range of 50 Km and is operational to at least -20oc, making it perfect for military, para-public and civil use, in a broad spectrum of environments.

The ruggedized display tablet is small and carry on, making the whole system effortlessly transferrable. The tablet’s LED display offers a clear picture and is fully touchscreen. The information displayed on the tablet includes the decoded 406 MHz message, GPS coordinates, directional headings and estimated distances to the transmitting beacon or ELT.

The antenna  provides direction finding from 110Mhz to 410MHz focussing on the 3 SAR distress frequencies: 406 MHz, 243 MHz and 121.5 MHz. Installation of the antenna to the airframe is simple, utilising the Meeker Aviation Airfilm Dovetail Mounts. This unique mounting system allows the antenna to be installed or removed in under 5 minutes. The mount also offers the operator flexibility on where to install the antenna on the airframe. Meeker Aviation provide mounting assemblies and STCs for all major platforms. More information can be found at www.meekeraviation.com

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