CPI Memory Module

cpi memory module
What happens then, if the aircraft crashes into the sea?
The craft will inevitably sink and the depth of the oceans means flight data recovery is almost impossible, as was well demonstrated by the MH370 accident, from which we still have no recovery of the wreckage or flight data recorder (FDR). The new HR Smith 503 series Crash Position Indicator with Memory Module (CPI MM) serves to negate this issue, by providing a traceable, floating recreation of the information within the FDR and CVR. This is possible thanks to a state of the art recorder interface unit (RIU), which gathers data buses from the on-board FDR and reissues it to the Memory Module within the deployable beacon. The unique design of the RIU means this system is compatible with the various FDRs available on the market.

The Memory Module is housed within the ejected beacon and is capable of storing up to 25 hours of flight data, held within a water tight, flame proof case. The externally located beacon will deploy in crash scenarios, either due to manual deployment by the pilot, by automatic incident detection or ultimately from water ingress into the water switch. The beacon itself simply releases from its unit, utilising the 406 COSPAS SARSAT frequency , as well as the 121 and 243 frequencies, in order to alert the authorities to the crash and initiate the Search and Rescue response. This also divulges the gps position of the beacon, enabling rescuers to find it more rapidly.Flight data is so essential; it allows us to see the progress of the flight, any issues that may have contributed to flight incidence and to measure standard variables in flight, collected from multiple parameters several times a minute. The CPI MM has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the offshore market, allowing immediate commencement of crash investigations.As the aviation industry strives for bigger, better aircraft and longer flight times, it is essential that we maintain a consistent level of flight safety and tracking, which enables us to prevent accidents where possible, and to assist those caught up in the incident should the worst happen. Safety is always the priority at HR Smith group.

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