500-30 Series

500-30 Series

You know that one of the worst scenarios your people could be in, is when a plane or helicopter is ditching. Not only is this a terrifying experience for those on board, but it requires that they remain composed under very challenging conditions.

We all hope that the worst will never happen, but inevitably, for some of us, it does; in those instances, being rapidly locatable can be lifesaving. Personal Locator Beacons are certainly nothing new, military personnel have been using them for some years, but development of smaller, better and more robust products is necessary in such a diverse and evolving industry.

The 500-30 series offers a customisable, fully COSPAS SARSAT compliant PLB, suitable for installation in both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. With GPS providing greatly improved location accuracy, visual indicators and audible sounder provide aircrew with certainty of transmission, in even the most hostile environments.Activation opportunities include manual activation, or automatically via lanyard, particular to ejection scenarios. Antenna options enable use in conjunction with a pilot’s flight vest, life rafts or stowage on commercial aircraft. This device also offers G switch and water switch activation, providing several methods of autonomous deployment. Manual control provides the option to suppress transmissions where circumstance requires.PLBs like the 500-30 series have made the operations of Search and Rescue teams a lot simpler and quicker than previously was possible, with the added benefit of customisability this series offers a truly adaptable product, suited to a range of requirements both military and civil.Military personnel are deployed to locations around the globe, often these environments are hostile, with exceptionally high temperatures, or other weather extremes. It is essential that equipment can operate effectively in such conditions. HR Smith have invested time and resources into ensuring optimal performance across a broad spectrum of environmental challenge, as well as operational duty, be that air force, navy, ground forces or coastguard requirements. Operational to at least -40 degrees Celsius, providing location information accurate to 100m and with a battery life of 5 years it’s easy to see why the 500-30 series has become a market leader.

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