With electrostatic discharge technology virtually dormant for the last two decades, electric charges on the surface of an aircraft in flight and the detrimental effect of uncontrolled electrical discharge pulses on the performance of avionic systems have continued to pose problems for aircraft manufacturers worldwide. But at last a real breakthrough has been achieved by H.R. Smith (Technical Developments) Limited with the introduction of the revolutionary Type “T” Advanced Electrostatic Discharger.

Using the most advanced thermoplastic composites and compounds, alongside state of the art manufacturing and processing techniques, these new Electrostatic Dischargers are now available offering unrivalled performance, in a compact product. Bringing tomorrows technology to today’s aircraft, the new type “T” Advanced Electrostatic Discharger combines the use of advanced materials and processes to give substantially better all-round performance compared to existing discharger types.

Product Availability

We currently have a diverse range of products available, to meet your requirements. Due to the extensive nature of our range, we are only able to show a small sample on our website. If you are looking for a specific item or bespoke product, then please use the contact us for or call our team for more information.

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