The 500-30 is a direct upgrade replacement for the URT33 and URT44 beacons providing aircrew with a 406MHz with embedded GPS beacon as a plug and play replacement. 

Once on the ground the pilot can utilise the integrated antennas including GPS to provide portable functionality. With visual indicators and audible sounder the beacon provides aircrew with certainty of transmission. Manual control provides the option to suppress transmissions where circumstance requires. 

500-30 Personal Locator Beacon

Automatic activation is available via a lanyard system. The beacon is compatible with pre-existing automatic activation mechanisms on the ACES II/III ejection seats, Martin Baker ejection seats and the BA-22/LPP back style parachutes.

The inclusion of GPS lat/long co-ordinates will provide rescue teams with location accuracy within 100m. In addition, the ability to home onto the established 121.5MHz and 234MHz SAR frequencies. An optional speech capability on 121.5MHz and 243MHz is also available.

  • The 500-30 provides end users with the ability to reprogramme the 406MHz protocol to suit installation.
  • Robust, compact and light-weight
  • 48 hours transmission of 121.5 MHz and 24 hours of 406MHz at -20˚C
  • GPS data transmitted via 406MHz
  • Fully re-programmable 406MHz protocol
  • Optional speech mode on 121.5MHz and 243MHz
  • Simple Built-in-Test function
  • Fully compatible with COSPAS SARSAT system
  • Meets NATO STANAG 7007 and Eurocae ED-62A
  • Interchangeable replacement for URT 33 PLB
  • Manual and multiple automatic activation methods
  • 5 year battery life


Transmitter Signal

The PLB transmits modulated signals on 121.5MHz / 243MHz distress frequencies with characteristics in accordance with STANAG 7007, plus 406MHz in accordance with COSPAS/SARSAT. 

Modulation (121.5MHz / 243MHz)
Continuous Swept Tone of at least 700Hz within the Sweep Range.
Sweep Range 1.6KHz to 300Hz
Sweep Rate 2-3Hz
Amplitude Modulated with Rectangular Wave
Modulation Depth 80% minimum
Modulation (406MHz)
0.5 Secs 5W pulse every 50 secs.
Phase modulation of ±/3 rad (peak)
Digital modulation (see C/S G.005 Iss. 2 Rev 7, Section 3) to include:
 Bit Synchronisation  Frame Synchronisation
 Protected Field  Emergency-Code/National Use Field
 Long Message  
GPS Receiver (Embedded)
Hot Start (avg) <1 sec typical Sat. Signal Reacquisition Time 100ms
Warm Start (avg) <31 sec typical Number of Channels 66(Search) 22(Track)
Cold Start (avg) <31 sec typical Min Signal Level Tracked -165dBw
Receiver L1 C/A Code Power Consumption 13mA
Protocols NMEA  
Power Output
406MHz 24 hours min 5W (+37dBm ±2dBm) at -20 degrees C
121.5/243MHz 48 hours min >100mW (+20dBm) at -20 degrees C
Activation Lanyard
Automatic BA22 Interface / ACES II/III Remote Activation Cable
Martin Baker ejection seats
Dimensions 125mm x 70mm x 33mm nominal
Weight <587g nominal
Colour NATO green/Yellow
The unit is designed to survive for up to 20 years with the only maintenance being battery replacement every five years.
The PLB is compliant with the following specifications:
Military NATO - STANAG 7007 / MIL STD 810G
Part Number
500-30 121.5, 406 & GPS
500-30-B 121.5, 406, GPS & SMB Connector
500-30-C 121.5, 243, 406, GPS, SMB & Speech
500-30-D 121.5, 243, 406, GPS, SMB
500-30-E 121.5, 243, 406, GPS, SMB, Speech & Float

All variants are also available in yellow or with a remote activation cable.


The 500 series of Personal Locator Beacons or Survival Emergency Locator Transmitters offers a wide range of options to suit any requirement. The 500 series of Personal Locator Beacons has been chosen by a wide customer base, including armed forces, commercial airlines, off-shore helicopter operators, life raft manufacturers and ejection seat manufacturers.

For all the 500 series Personal Locator Beacons, Techtest has obtained full certification to aircraft standards so these products should not be confused with inferior quality beacons intended for hobby use.

The 500-1 Personal Locator Beacon is a compact light-weight unit operating on 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz and has been favoured by customers requiring a small beacon for many years.

The 500-12 Personal Locator Beacon is designed to work with the COSPAS-SARSAT search and rescue satellite system and features 406 MHz as well as 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz distress signals. It also incorporates a speech function which allows survivors to have two way voice communication with a rescue craft. In addition to the normal aircraft approvals the 500-12 also has full Boeing and Airbus approvals making it the natural choice for commercial airline operators due to its compact size and low weight. The 500-27 shares all the functionality of the 500-12 but also incorporates embedded GPS to minimize location time in the event of an emergency.

The latest 500-27-07 PLB (above right) utilizes all the proven electronics of its predecessors but updates the casing design to give a modern stylish appearance without losing the rugged and durable qualities associated with Techtest SAR products.

The new 500-32 PLB (above left) offers similar features to the 500-27-07 but in a significantly smaller package (35% reduction in volume). This has been achieved by using state-of-the-art battery technology and optimised electronics.

After rigorous testing the 500-32 series of ELT(s) or PLB has recently been awarded a COSPAS SARSAT type approval (Certificate No. 223).

500-30, 406 MHz Ejection Seat Compatible PLB

The 500-30 is the latest member of the highly successful Techtest PLB range offering 406MHZ transmission and Guard frequency transmission combined with embedded GPS to
500-30 provide positional accuracy of 100m.

With both manual and automatic activation capability the beacon offers maximum flexibility across a fleet of aircraft. Providing interface solutions for inclusion in PSPs within ejection seats such as ACES II/III and in combination with parachute activation mechanisms such as the BA22. Once activated upon ejection the PLB will transmit SAR frequency signals via remote antennas allowing rapid recovery.

Once on the ground aircrew can continue to transit using remote or integrated dual frequency antennas including GPS providing portable functionality and the ability to control beacon transmission according to circumstance. With 5 year battery life, 48 hours transmission on 121.5MHz and 24hours on 406MHz at -20 °C the 500-30 meets COSPAS SARSAT, ED-62A, STANAG 7007 and MIL-STD 810F specifications.


Brochure downloads

pdf500-12 Multi Function Personal Locator Beacon
pdf500-27 Multi Function Personal Locator Beacon + Embedded GPS
pdf500-27-07 Multi Function Personal Locator Beacon + Embedded GPS
pdf500-30 Multi Function Personal Locator Beacon
pdf500-32 406MHz Multi Function Personal Locator Beacon
pdf12-503-5 Programming Test Set

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