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Empowering the Military Harness our extensive experience in the military aviation industry.

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hr smithMilitary offensive and defensive operations frequently generate urgent requirements in response to the changing and evolving demand of modern warfare. The HR Smith Group routinely respond to such requirements in support of current and previous conflicts. In doing so, the Company places great emphasis on providing a rapid and effective response to military requirements both in terms of developing new products and capabilities, and in supporting existing equipment in the field. The responsiveness and competitiveness of the HR Smith Group has resulted in its winning many defence equipment contracts both in the UK and overseas.

For example, as part of an urgent new requirement, HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd was contracted to develop and deliver a new specialist airborne communications antenna for the Royal Air Force which it did in under ten days. Typically, specialist antennas for a wide variety of applications are regularly provided for military evaluation and trials. In such cases, the Company often invests in minor development work and works at its own risk in alongside the military customer in order to ensure that the end-user ultimately receives the product and performance that is required.

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