503 Series Deployable ELT

The need to accurately pinpoint downed aircraft through the use of a Crash Position Indicator (CPI) or Automatically Deployable Beacon (ADELT) has always existed.

The Techtest 503-16 deployable ELT series combines full Cospas/Sarsat coverage together with the transmission of last known GPS co-ordinates to accurately locate downed aircraft.

Features include; on aircraft programming
of Cospas/Sarsat protocols allowing for easy removal and replacement of the beacon,
a modular design allowing for ease of maintenance and a multi-axis programmable G-Switch that ensures reliable operation against CAA Specification 16.

The 503-16 series is utilised globally by all major helicopter manufactures and operators. 

503 series


Brochure downloads

pdf503 Series Tracking ELT
pdf503 Series Deployable ELT 
pdf12-503-5 Programming Test Set 

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